Wintermute Engine Development Kit

Wintermute Engine Development Kit 1.9

It includes tools for designing and running "point and click" adventure games
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Wintermute Engine Development Kit comprises several tools that offer support in designing and running "point and click" adventure games. Both 2D and 2.5D games can be created with its help, the latter referring to games where 3D characters perform actions in spaces defined by 2D backgrounds.
The kit includes several elements, such as GUI editors, a runtime interpreter, demo projects, documentation and prefabricated templates. More specifically, tools such as "SceneEdit", "SciTE Script Editor" (SciTE meaning SCIntilla based Text Editor), "SpriteEdit" and "WindowEdit" are designed for editing purposes. The sprites can be static images or animations and they are the basic graphics items used by the kit. The animated sprite is obtained from a number of images (animation frames) that change in a certain time interval so that they form an animation together. Other tools are "WME Project Manager", "WME Integrator" and "String Table Manager".
To sum up, Wintermute Engine Development Kit is a complex set of tools for developing adventure games using a point-and-click interface. It will take a while to master these tools, but using the built-in documentation will prove helpful in succeeding to do this.

Margie Smeer
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  • Large number of tools and other useful elements (GUI editors, a runtime interpreter, prefabricated templates)
  • Several demo projects to assist in learning to master the utility are included
  • It is free


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